Looking for your dream home?

Looking for a nice house to rent or buy? Casa Haarlem is an operating real estate agency in Haarlem and the surrounding area.

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A good start is half the battle

You are not looking for just any house but your dream home! What falls under your dream home? For this, you will first have to be clear about what you mean by your dream home. The number of rooms, whether it should have a large or small garden, a garage? Atmospheric and cosy or modern and light.

Does accessibility to schools and shops play a role? Is public transport important? Sign up so we can keep you informed if there is a match with your offer.

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Optimal service for everyone

At Casa Haarlem, we strive to provide you and your rental property with the best possible service. Our primary goal is to keep your property in optimal condition, maximising its value for you.

Emphasis on customer satisfaction

Casa Haarlem strives for the highest possible customer satisfaction by listening carefully to the wishes of our clients. We are committed to fully satisfying all our clients and strictly adhere to legal requirements when drawing up contracts.

Expert in brokerage

Casa Haarlem is your dedicated brokerage partner, offering expert advice for both temporary rentals of unfurnished and furnished properties.


Selling your house is always a bit sensitive especially with your asking price. Tamer from Casa Makelaardij guides it all very well and does his best for you. My experience with Casa Makelaardij selling your house was really perfect. If you are about to sell your house, I really recommend Casa Makelaardij to everyone.



Great service from Casa Haarlem! I have been renting a beautifully maintained house in the centre of Haarlem through Casa for a while now. Very professional towards the customer and if something is wrong they fix it right away for you! Highly recommended.



Tamer estate agent really helped us perfectly and professionally, always accessible, takes the time for you and gives the right advice. We are therefore very satisfied and also recommend home-seekers the reliable company Casa Haarlem Makelaardij Mr Tamer!